Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School..

Well I am halfway through my first day of classes. I must say it has been exciting and strange all at the same time. I am so ready to be back to school and get my degree finished, but I never thought I would be one of those returning adults. Honestly, I probably look younger than my fellow students, but I was quickly reminded that I am indeed older AND more mature after a few comments were made by new freshman in my first two classes. This semester I am taking 4 classes, 12 hours. After getting an overview, I really think I will enjoy my first two, especially my psychology class. I am waiting in the hall outside my biology classroom but I can assure you I will NOT enjoy this class. Then I have Christianity. I am very curious to see what that class is like. Overall it has been a very good first day. Keep praying for me and David though, because going back to school will add more stress and busyness to our life. David has been nothing but supportive though, and I am extremely grateful for that.
On another note, we started our scuba training last night! We go this week monday through thursday from 6-10 and then have our open water tests Saturday and Sunday. We are so excited about it! I will be sure to post how it all goes at the end of the week...

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