Friday, January 9, 2009

Catching up continued..

Lindsey did a great job catching up on our new life together. Now i will fill you in on the rest of the exciting events that have taken place in our first 3 months together. WE HAVE A HOUSE! It was an unexpected blessing from God. We knew that moving into something bigger was a must. Even though I'm sure Lindsey didn't mind me invading her one sink bathroom. Going over our budget and seeing how much it would cost to own a house we were pretty much set on continuing on with apartment living, maybe moving into a spacious two bedroom apartment. But then God had a special wedding present just for us. After many neighborhood searches with many a sad "that costs what!" remarks with all the houses in the Woodlands, we ran across a house that was unbelievably cheap for the surroundings. During Ike God conveniently placed a tree on this already empty house for sale. So after a completely new roof and carpet the lady selling the house was worried that no one would buy the house because of the words "Ike damage" so she bumped the price way down. So needless to say, we bought it!
The last few weeks we have enjoyed making this house our home. We painted a lot of the rooms and bought a cool new sectional couch. But we definitely didn't do all this home renovating by our selves. We have had a lot of professional painters and movers helping us. By professional i mean family and friends who were payed with fast food and kind words.
Another exciting thing about having a house is now we have our dogs! Yep, Lindsey, Lulu, Flic and I are one big happy family. It has been really fun watching them get use to each other. Both our dogs have really funny personalities that always make the house entertaining. The only problem is Flic is about 4 times as big Lulu and play time can get a little hazardous for little Lulu. So my beautiful persuasive wife is ready to get Flic a bigger play mate. But that is another blog in its self. Come visit us in our hew home, we might even have a fun project for you. Hopefully you like taco bell.


  1. Taco Bell is my favorite. ;-)

    The house was beautiful. I am so happy for you guys.

  2. David! THe house is pretty sweet! nice pick on the couch too...Loved it!
    hope all is well!