Tuesday, May 19, 2009

David and I had a busy, yet great weekend. It started out Saturday morning with us working in our front yard. We had landscaped our yard a few months ago, but sadly it all died and looked pretty awful again. So, we had to start over. What made this interesting was our friends Brian and Whitney needed someone to watch their kids while they went to a wedding. David and I both love their kids, so I said they were more than welcome to come hang out while we worked in the yard. It definitely added some humor to the morning. Emily immediately fell in love with my little maltese Lulu and did not want to leave her side. She kept calling her lilo, which was adorable. I was very proud of Lulu, she had never really been around small children so I didn't know how it would go, but she did great! Our other two dogs had their polite moments which were quickly ruined by their disobedience. So they stayed outside most of the day. When we went out to work in the yard, Josh and Emily were playing with several bubble toys, which IMMEDIATELY attracted the other neighborhood kids. We got about half of our yard done then spent the rest of the time playing with the kids.
Saturday night, we went to the Marriott to see my little brother take prom pictures. It was so funny to see him in a tux with his precious girlfriend. If you know Josh at all, you know this side of him is very different. But, it was good to see all of them dressed up excited about their Prom.
Since both of us work at the church, Monday is our day off. We started out the day going to see my sweet Prince William, my horse I have had since 5th grade. Between get trampled by some horses in the pasture and david electricuting both himself and William, it is safe to say it was quite an adventurous trip! But it is always good to go out to the barn. That used to be my home away from home, so I love spending some time out there. After the barn, we finished up the front yard and it looks beautiful! We then went and got a phone plan together and both got the Samsung Instinct, so we spent a good part of the day learning our new phones. I think I'm really going to like it! I can't afford an iPhone so this is great!

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