Saturday, July 30, 2011

Buses, Trains, and Pizza

Today was so much fun. Our team always loves going to Jurmala...quiant town, beautiful beach, and lots of street vendors! We enjoyed our morning to sleep in, as it will probably be our only one the whole time we are here. We left for Jurmala around noon and met up with some of our friends from Petr's church, Artur and Esther, at the train station. Being as how we don't use trains in Houston, our team always loves the experience. We grabbed some lunch at a fun little restaurant, did a photo session on the beach (mostly the girls...), and of course got some shopping in. Not only do we love the country of Latvia because of the people here, but we also love how beautiful and unique it is. Several of our team members have traveled to other European countries and they say that none of them are like Latvia.

Tomorrow we will be going to church at Salvation Temple and then leaving by bus to camp! We are so excited to get this week going and as always, would appreciate your prayers! We are confident that lives will be impacted this week in big ways. I hope to blog each night but as internet service is a little iffy, not sure it will happen. But, no news is good news!!

Specific Prayer Requests:
* Pray over all the orphans and youth that will be at camp. Ask God to open their hearts to what Sasha and the rest of the Latvian workers will say.
* Pray that our American team and the Latvian team can work together and encourage each other. Romans 1:12 says, "When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours." Pray that that will be our mindset.

Much love to all of you back home!
- Lindsey, David, Bryan, Amy, Rachel, Caroline, Ana :))

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