Friday, July 29, 2011

Weary & Wired

Well, after 24 hours of travel we have made it to Riga!! It has definitely been a long day but compared to past years, the travel was much better. The plane rides were smoother, the layovers were manageable, and wait for it....ALL OF OUR BAGS ARRIVED!!! This is the first year at least since I have been that that has happened so we were all very excited. Since we arrived in Riga at 11:30 PM their time, we are exhausted. But what we all have come to love about this trip is how quickly Riga becomes home again. Although it's been a full year since we've been here, every time we come back it's as if we jump right back into the swing of things. Everyone here has truly become our extended family.

Tomorrow we will be heading to Jurmala (after sleeping in of course) for a fun day at the beach. This town has some great shops as well so we will be playing tourist for most of the day. Then Sunday we will go to Petr's church and head to camp! We are so excited to see what God's got up His sleeve for this week. Much love to you guys and thank you so much for your prayers!

-The Latvia team

Specific prayer requests:
*our team will grow even closer as we spend a fun day together in Jurmala. Pray that we are strong ambassadors for Stonebridge and Christians everywhere to anyone we come in contact with.
*Pray a special blessing over Sunday. We will be reunited with all the youth/campers at church so thank God that we have been given another year to strengthen our relationships. Also pray over new relationships to be formed.
*Pray for David and I- that we can be effective and caring leaders for our team.


  1. Praying for you guys! We wish we could be there with you guys! Give everyone a huge hug from us!

  2. I am so exctired to read this!Can't wait until I will be able to meet you guys!