Monday, January 9, 2012

The Kid In Us All

Yesterday, David began leading Kid's Chapel at our new church home, Legacy Chapel; it was incredible. We have been so excited for him to begin this position! Legacy is a new church here in Littleton with 15 weeks under their belt and already God is doing great things! Right now, we meet in a school gym and the kids meet in the cafeteria (sound familiar StoneBridge-ers??). Coming from a "mature" church like StoneBridge, it is interesting to be on the startup side of things. Last Friday David and I drove around with Abi, the pastor's wife, to get a projector for the children's ministry that was a reasonable price. Although we don't have much equipment wise, we are so thankful for what we do have and are really enjoying watching how God provides!

So Sunday, David began his new ministry with 7 kids! They were so enthusiastic about their new service-- at one point David had them cheering, which everyone in the main service heard! Apparently this "interruption" was during their time of offering and you know what everyone did? They began clapping. :) As a wife, I am so excited for David to be back working with kids. His talent in this area is uncomparable and I KNOW he will be used in huge ways.

Legacy plans on officially launching on Easter, so right now all attention is being spent on making sure everything is running smoothly. We are so excited to see how it will continue to grow from now until Easter, and then in the weeks after! Here are some pictures from the service:

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  1. Very fun! I'm so glad that you guys found a great church. I can see from the pics that the kids were loving David. I'm so excited for you guys with this new chapter in your life! Miss you!